The story of Kastles and how to bring down the house prices, destroy them!

In days of old when knights were bored and fair maidens got tired of waiting and went travelling instead, the land suffered its first royal housing crisis. Anyone not covered in mud considered themselves a cut above the rest, and the land became divided into hundreds of tiny kingdoms, each with its own self-proclaimed king and queen. All these kings and queens liked to show off, so they competed with each other to build the biggest and best castles money and craftsmanship (and craftswomenship) could buy.

The problem was, with so many kings and queens claiming sovereignty over every available bit of land, things got quite crowded on the castle front. A queen’s demand for ‘the most impressive castle for miles around’ soon became ‘the most impressive castle for yards around’, and eventually turned into ‘OK, well then I’ll have one like hers next door, but in granite.’

When envy inevitably turned to anger, the kings and queens stopped trying to build bigger and better castles and instead turned their attention to destroying those of their neighbours. After all, last castle standing is, by definition, the best, even if it now consists of some rubble, a charred drawbridge and the King’s chamber pot.

It was bad news for relationships between the many royal houses, but good news for Mad Eric Strawbale, who had spent half his reclusive life perfecting his giant catapult invention (which he tested using his cat, hence the name), and who people had always laughed at. Until now.

So now it’s time to bring down the house prices (or just bring down the houses in general) pick up your pack and use your skills and strategy to reclaim the landscape around you, flatten your opponents and take no prisoners. Send their Kingsters and Queenies running for the coast and seize the day.

Kastles Card Game – Medieval Mayhem

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