How to set up and play Kastles (video)

If you’ve ever played a card game, you can play Kastles. It’s much more interesting than Snap!, more sociable than Patience and much, much easier to play than Bridge.

On your turn, you play cards from your hand to launch different types of attacks on your enemies, and to defend your own castle. Often, you need to play a combination of cards in order to launch an attack or defence. If you manage to play your entire hand in one go, you get to keep going (boy, now you’re angry), sometimes reducing a neighbour’s castle to rubble before they’ve even had a chance to shout ‘what have I ever done to you?’ from the battlements.

When you attack you can fire catapults to smash your enemies’ battlements and deploy saboteurs to break down their walls. You can also plant gunpowder and use flaming arrows to blow gaping holes in their defences. Rare but devastating, you may be lucky enough to command the deadly Dragon to wreak havoc on an epic scale. You will also use cards to defend your castle: rendering gunpowder attacks useless by dousing them with water, destroying catapults (or stealing them), and sending engineers to rebuild your destroyed walls. If you hold the Wizard card, you can repel a dragon attack and make the ferocious winged beast yours to command. The possibilities are endless.

So now it’s time to bring down the house prices (or just bring down the houses in general) pick up your pack and use your skills and strategy to reclaim the landscape around you, flatten your opponents and take no prisoners. Send their Kingsters and Queenies running for the coast and seize the day. Destroy your friends.

Additional Rules

And for that extra little kick (literally) see our player’s Additional Rules. If you have any questions please drop us a line.


See our YouTube setup videos here: Kastles Setup Videos