Maybe try these additional rules for that extra little kick. All players must agree before play commences.

1. Smoking Dragon

The only way to stop a Dragon attack is by holding a Wizard card when it’s played, otherwise you’re toast! Here’s an additional rule you could use:

If you have two Catapults out in front and hold two Water cards in your hand, use them to counter attack the Dragon when he strikes. The Dragon and both Water cards are discarded and the attack is averted.

2. Big Whack

Catapults are a great way to sling rocks at your neighbors. Try this: if you own three Catapults (already placed out in front of your castle) one strike does double the damage and destroys two adjacent only walls. If a player uses a Crucible card to reflect the attack it only reflects one strike.

3. Curve Ball Crucible

As you know, if someone sends a Catapult attack your way and you own a Crucible card you can reflect it back. Why not make it a Curve Ball Crucible and send it back to another player? Now that’s funny!

4. Snatch ‘n’ Grab

If you play three Thief cards at once you can make all players hold up their cards (backs facing you) then take one random card from that player’s hand. You never know, you might even get their dragon! Once played, discard the Thief cards to the discard pile and continue play as normal.


… also try ‘Snipe a spy’

As someone plays a spy card use one thief card (out of turn) to steal the new card uncovered by the spy and take into your own hand. Discard the theif as normal on the discard pile.


5. Wicked Wizard

Wizards can change their appearance. So, if you are holding a wizard and are bored of waiting for that dragon attack why not use him as another card or ammo amount? Can not be used as a dragon.

6. Do-or-die for the King & Queen

As you know the Kingster and Queenie cards don’t really do much in the basic game, you just have to protect them. Try this! If you are about to ‘cop it’ and are down to your last wall card shout “DO-OR-DIE” at any point in the game even during an attack and out of your turn. You then pick up your wall card and shuffle your K&Q into them. Now lay the now three cards face down as wall cards in any place (tip: Spread them out to avoid Dragon or chain reaction attacks with Gunpowder). This now gives you two extra wall cards for protection. But no one knows where your K&Q lie! and you can not take them back into your hand for the rest of the game. It’s do-or-die.

Play then commences as normal and if one royal gets killed you are ok but if both the K&Q die or are uncovered you are out the game and done for. Think of it as their duty for all that tax you paid and this might just see you through while other players kill each other off.

If anyone plays a Spy and picks one of your K or Q cards from your wall this counts as a hit and they are dead and discarded.

Do you have a fun new rule?

If you have a fun additional rule you like to use why not tweet @kastlescardgame or email us at: [email protected] as we would love to hear it, we may even post it here. If we do use your rule we’ll send you FREE signed copy of Kastles the card game as a thank you.