News from the battlements

Here you will find the latest news from the Kastles battlements. What’s hot and what’s not in the tabletop world of family entertainment. From downloads to tips and tricks on how to defeat your enemies and and keep your footing in the strategy gaming world.

How to get the kids off the screens

Do you have a monosyllabic teenager staring into your fridge? Find it hard to prise the kids off their screens? Do you insist at meal times they put their mobile phones away? We do. Does it always work? No! Recent research shows that the modern teenager spends up to 8...

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Our top 20 stocking filler ideas for Christmas

What's the best new children and kid's games to buy this Christmas? We know how tricky it can be to fill a stocking when it comes to the Christmas holidays. You either head off to to the pound shop and spend £20 on some land fill rubbish which is fun for 2 minutes...

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