Really good fun

Excellent game and well worth the money. Nicely produced and fun to play

No screen required!

This game is so cool. I got it for Christmas and haven’t stopped playing it. Much better than a Playstation or Xbox (my dad made me say that)

Keeps the kids quite!

Kids have been playing it for days now and if it keeps them quite i'm happy!

A great holiday game

This is a great game if you are stuck with your parents in a caravan in Dorset. Original and fun!


My boy had his Kastles deck confiscated in playground! Bet teachers are playing it now in staffroom. Watch out for the fun police!

Easy to play

So simple yet clever. I introduced it to all my friends at school now they are all playing it

Pocket sized punch up!

A great little game for holiday or traveling with the family

Great fun and also deeply unfair

Nothing feels better than snatching an undeserved victory from the jaws of certain defeat

A Kracking Game!

Who doesn't love to knock down castles especially your mates ones! We love playing this game on holiday

A classic

This is beyond classic card game fun! Finn and I love to destroy each other now, and he’s my son! Thank you Kastles Keeper

The kids love it!

Kids love it and fun for students and adults too. Not too taxing on the brain. Love the new case!

Only £9.99 for hours of battling fun! Free UK Delivery

Kastles is a brand new battling card game for kids and adults created by Gunpowder Studios

A krackingly fun castle defence card game where every game is different. Use your cards to plan your attacks – deploying gunpowder, flaming arrows, lethal catapults, saboteurs and even a wizard to control and command the fearsome dragon.

A simple table top family card game that’s perfect for the young to the Middle Ages.

No screen required

“Great for settling family feuds!”

Alfred the Great

“More fun than boiling toads!”

Witch Magazine

“Can be fiddly with gauntlets on!”

Joan of Arc

The best game groats can buy!

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A new family card game by Gunpowder Studios